Forbidden Love - The Unforgivable Couple - Android Dating Sim game Part 2

I need to split this post into a few parts since LJ deemed my post too long and refused my update -.-". Gosh, the typo and grammatical errors this game has made me either cringe or burst laughing. Seriously dude? Can't pay one proofreader for your script? >_>;

Earlier chapters (1st story 1-15)

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Spoiler alert: Honestly speaking I think the main chara is two timing, good for nothing girl. How can she do that while she's still dating such a loyal, understanding and patient boyfriend??

I've decided I have enough of this game, I wouldn't be playing the 2nd story. Second story picked up from happy ending so I don't have any idea of anyone with Another End will be able to continue or not. I can get both end for 2nd ending too since the love meter needed is only around 1375 and my starting love meter with my avatar is already 550. Nevertheless, the lousy plot, unstable characterization and frustratingly linear storyline discourage me from continue. Please find your 2nd story source elsewhere. I believe yuuwatari will continue post it in her youtube channel.

Forbidden Love - The Unforgivable Couple - Android Dating Sim game Part 1

What the game is about, I believe Google Play has explained quite extensively.

Actually this is not bad for a free game. We are entitled to five tickets per day. To read each part, we will use up one ticket (1 chapter = 5 parts so there goes your one day ticket). They have 2 stories and pre-condition for the second story, we have to finish first story. First story has 27 chapters and two endings. You can get both endings if your love meter >1500 - which I don't think too high to  achieve considering I'm 700 already in 3rd chapter... Of course there is this little thing called avatar which you can adorn. Things you adorn them with, easy guess, you buy it. Well, it's a free game, of course it has to earn in some way. At least it is trying to advertise through the player too so we have the chance to earn coins. First mail registration earned you 700 coins while all email invite (complete with the invited person clicked on the url) will earned you 50 coins. Most of the eyes and clothes are 500-1600 coins. You'll be able to buy some things after your first 5and sending the links to your own mails (c'mon, I know you have more than 1 emails out there. I personally have 6 with addition of work email LOL) Your avatar will affect your Love Meter. Some sort of measurement how obsessed loving your step-brother over you.

Story is quite linear, you only have your step-brother to choose from LOL I don't even know if we can choose the current boyfriend or not. The plot seems to extremely concentrating on falling in love with the step-brother. Our main chara is the normal shoujo "Ah that couldn't be true" type when accumulating facts actually enough to make anyone think otherwise. The brother is someone with attitude and anger management issue.
We will require to "respond" once every chapter and each of them will be gauged at the end of the parts. Lowest mark will be 10, then 30 and the best will be 50. I'm aiming to get 50 every chapters so I don't need to fill my Love Meter by buying avatar stuffs (27*50 = 1350 it's almost near their limit for seeing both endings. With two avatar adornments, I don't think it's impossible to reach >1500) There is also this retarded mini games to allow you accumulate capsule toy points. I've tried and so far 300 capsule point earned me one ticket. Not bad. Considering one mini game exhaust 10 energy and your energy get replenished by 1 every 3 minutes.

I forgot to take the first screenshot where the story begins. Where all the misunderstanding (ala Korean-drama) started and recounted every chapter until I almost could recite it. I'm taking screenshots just for procrastinators out there who is too lazy to wait daily for the story continuation and for poor soul who missed the secret story. My phone is Galaxy 2, not tab, so don't expect wide resolution. I'll be providing different links for desktop, mobile and slideshow. They are all the same thing, it's just different format. Don't come complaining at me if you are looking at mobile version, they are blurry by default. It is photobucket's questionable policy to lower the resolution on mobile view with no option to see the original resolution.

NOTE: Imperial Blue deserve credit for this entry. I wouldn't be able to make this much 50 marks choices without her :D

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Next chapters (1st story 16-27 End)

I'll update this post whenever I have time to upload/write. You are free to direct your friend here, download my image, spread it, upload it and don't credit me in any way because I don't want them to sue me.

NOTE: I'll appreciate if anyone want to contribute by telling me which choice earned us 50 points where I had failed.
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にじいろのはる (Niji Iro no Haru) Romaji Lyrics

I find this song is very nice. I mostly like Vocaloid chorus song like this where we get to hear everyone's voice! ^^ I wish they have a PV soon cause I believe it will soon make it to the weekly ranking with one :D

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No translation since my Japanese is not that good yet. Hopefully the romaji is enough for everyone to sing along ^^ For kanji, I can only find either on this Japanese or Thai page. Thai page has their thai translation to boot. Youtube is also not uploaded by me, I'm not claiming anything.
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So many spams! >.<

I haven't abandoned the journal though I admit I have less and less time to write nowadays (don't worry, it will soon change once I'm back from overseas work. Less than two years that will be). And livejournal, you really gotta learn how to accept less spammers. At least do some auto deletion for comment that was posted by user that has been reported as a BOT! Geez... they seriously infuriate me =S I have more than 50 comments which are spam and I need to visit the page one by one to purge them *grrr*

I have a lot of things that I need to post. Resolution for 2013 (LOL I have it but I just don't have time to post) and 2012 Reading list *sigh* I guess that would never be realized judging from how late I am now *boooo* I wonder if anyone still read my journal though LOL I'm far far more active in twitter and most of my LJ friends exist there too. At least they know I'm still alive with the amounts of tweets I generated per day LMAO

It's late but I still want to wish a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to everyone who celebrate it. Let's hope the Water Snake year would bring you prosperity and happiness! XD
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[Luo Tian Yi 洛天依] 欠一个拥抱 (You owe me a hug) - Lyrics and translation

Another translation. This song is very nice to sing, plus the lyric isn't hard at all. I'm writing the pinyin so more people can sing XDDD Video isn't mine, I'm just linking.

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Note: This song actually written by two person in the story. Based on the author note, the first part is written by Ling who left before she finished it. Tian Yi found the song when she cleaned up Ling's stuff and complete the song. Tian Yi's part start from the question "可能更好?" (Will be better?)

Translation of 【Luo Tianyi 洛天依】 Bright Autumn Moonlight 【晓秋月明】 composed by 【SolPie】

Uh-huh, I was doing something really out of ordinary last night LOL I translated this song because it sounds very nice



English Translation






















Repeat *, **, #, ##




Repeat #, ##

* Míngyuè huādēng

Xīn liú wǒ sīliang

Mí miàn qiūxiāng

Wǒ qīng qīng diǎn liàng

Cān bù tòu nǐ mòjī

Xīn fēi mòmíng

Ěr biān de qīngjìng wǒ nánliǎoliǎo

** Xiǎoqiáo jīnxiāo

Yòu jìngle xiǎo xiǎo

Qiáo biān shàng kūqiāng

Lèi bùjīn piāomiǎo

Nǐ yuànyán huàchéng qín xián lí shāng

Qín shēng tài shāyǎ mòmíng yǔ diào

# Gòng shǎng yī wān míngyuè sǎ hóng qiáng

Jiè bēi liè jiǔ wǒ zuì dào

Luòyè shāshā xiǎo qiūyuè míng

Xi jiāng biān tīng nǐ chàng

## Chàng wán yī wān míngyuè sǎ xi lóu

Huāhǎoyuèyuán qíng zì lǎo

Tīng nǐ qīng qīng chàng qǐle jiā

Zhēngyuè jìwàng liǎng duànle qíng cháng

Repeat *, **, #, ##

Yānyǔ nuǎn luò jǐn fánhuá tíngyuàn

Jiè bēi huān nán mián

Méntíng wài wǒ zhé yīzhī wǎn liǔ a~a~~

Repeat #, ##

* Moon lantern

Made me ponder [1]

Enigmatic autumn incense  [2]

I gently lit up

Cannot figure your ink trace


Quiet (whisper) in my ear I cannot comprehend

** Small bridge tonight

Again is quiet

Fleeting tears [3]

Sobs on the bridge [4]

Your grievance become an injured string

The tune sounds too inexplicably hoarse

# Appreciating crecent moonlight sprinkled on the red brick [5]

By the intense wine I am drunk

Fallen leaves rustle bright moonlight of dawning autumn

Listening to you sing beside West River

## After song ended crescent moonlight sprinkled on the West Wing

Full moon and flowers bloom love until old [6]

Hearing you start singing softly (about) home

Hoping for long lasting love for both parties from the beginning [7]

Repeat *, **, #, ##

Drizzle fall warmly upon the flourishing courtyard

By the sleepless joy and sorrow

I broke the branch of evening willow outside the door

Repeat #, ##

I'm doing my best translating this but most likely there will be mistakes. Just let me know if any. The song is poetic so it's hard to preserve its elegance.

[1] Literally "made me ponder in my heart"

[2] Somehow google translate this as "Scholar's riddle" (which I don't know whether it's correct) but I'm taking the literal meaning here.

I'm swapping [3] and [4] in order to make more sense. [4] literally means " Tears cannot help become misty".

[5] Literally "red wall" but I figure it's actually red brick.

 [6] 花好月圓 is a phrase from a line in Magnolia Flowers (木兰花), an ode composed by Song Dynasty poet Zhang Xian (张先). It can also denote "perfect marital bliss". I'm opting for more literal translation but actually both of them are suitable since this part is talking about marriage and love. Please see wiki here http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/花好月圓

[7] I'm opting for "beginning" instead of literal "start of the month". It's most likely implying start of marriage here.

Giving a branch of willow is usually a phrase used when sending a friend/lover off. This song is about a person who remembers his/her lover/close friend, getting drunk while listening to someone singing a song about love.

Just done with 怪侠一枝梅 (Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei)

Quite a good series XD It's like a robin hood but Chinese version. They have English sub and the complete series are available in youtube. It's a decent wuxia with proper action, plot AND romance. It's been awhile since I found one.

The romance ending might be slightly unsatisfactory for some people but REJOICE, liliumscribe has written a fitting closing fanfiction piece.

I would recommend to everyone if they want to watch some good Chinese martial arts drama. Unlike 七侠五义人间道, JiangHu has subbed this series so you don't need to understand Chinese to watch it :D IMO, 怪侠一枝梅 is better than 七侠五义人间道. Especially because they have a decent romance development *hahaha* (any other aspects, they're on par :p)
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Spring Anime 2012

I'm picking up Jormungand, Accel World, Fate Zero and Folktales from Japan. I've tried Lupin but it's really not suitable to my taste. Aside from Mine Fujiko's tits and sexual graphic, I find it hard to find any interesting point in the series. The thievery cases look too simple =S

Jormungand is not recommended to all people. Not sure what attracted me from this series. If you wanna mention the shooting scenes, it looks too fake with no one getting seriously shot in direct firing =S Might be interaction of Koko and the red-eyed boy, as well as their value of 'justice'. This series doesn't have much plot either. It's basically trying to find some reason to snipe/bomb/shoot someone in every episodes...

Accel World wasn't in my list previously but since this is very popular, I'm trying it out. Turned out I like it. I like the value of our first chara. He is just trying to be loyal and paying back the favour. Romance of the girl is too forced for me, as if they are desperately trying to put in romance aspect in the series. It's good enough without honestly. Another thing that attracts me might be the concept of the virtual world itself, I have a soft spot for this kind of setting =3

Fate/Zero. No comment. This is just awesome. Awesome battle scenes and twisted behaviors of all the characters in it. Beside, impossible for me who watch all Type Moon series to skip this series.

I picked Folktales from Japan because I like fairy tales in general. A few of the stories presented in this series are not popular so I haven't heard about it. They put 3 stories in each eps. I should say this is a good anime to feed your little cousins or nephew/nieces when you want them to be a good kid glued to the TV (provided they can read English sub or understand Jap though :p).

Meanwhile, people has started to compile visual guide and summary of 2012 summer anime. Personally looking forward for Sword Art Online :D

Resolution for 2012!

    After such a long consideration, here are the things I decided to do this year:
  1. Finding a new job - you know that staying in a place too long will get you attached right? Yea, I don't feel like getting attached to my current company. If you stay in the 'comfort' zone for too long, you will just become weak. There are still things to learn but I don't feel like missing something awesome if I move from it. I went to the temple for a reading (wow, I know I'm a science student who prefer logic rather than supernatural things) and actually it doesn't show me much hope for a new job. Still, I want to try. Oh, but I do stay if they increased my salary like 15-20% (yea, you wish :p)
  2. Continue with my fic - I've been on the hiatus for too long. Last night I had a sudden flash of plot ideas to complete the last part of my Brave Story fic. I know I need to progress with my original fic too but... one by one. I figured this fic will take me more than a year *hahahaha*
  3. 30 books this year - no change on the sum. I just hope I will have enough leisure time. Shouldn't be hard considering now I have my phone which can act as e-book reader lol
  4. Learn more Chinese - I don't have a good progress for this. More like, I can't properly measure it since I don't have exam and such. I know it's not much though. The only way I can do is to read more Chinese novel. Oh, and get to type in Chinese if I can. It does takes forever for me to remember the pinyin of certain words but... lol you never learn if you never train right? :p
  5. Last but not least, keep my current body weight. I'll just be realistic and admit I wouldn't be able to get 'slimmer' than this *hahaha* With lack of exercise and more culinary expedition weekly :p
Basically that's all I plan to achieve this year. If you notice, it shouldn't be that much different from year to year LMAO Moreover, those targets shouldn't be too hard except the first one. I'll strive for it! *pats myself in the back*