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Spring Anime 2012

I'm picking up Jormungand, Accel World, Fate Zero and Folktales from Japan. I've tried Lupin but it's really not suitable to my taste. Aside from Mine Fujiko's tits and sexual graphic, I find it hard to find any interesting point in the series. The thievery cases look too simple =S

Jormungand is not recommended to all people. Not sure what attracted me from this series. If you wanna mention the shooting scenes, it looks too fake with no one getting seriously shot in direct firing =S Might be interaction of Koko and the red-eyed boy, as well as their value of 'justice'. This series doesn't have much plot either. It's basically trying to find some reason to snipe/bomb/shoot someone in every episodes...

Accel World wasn't in my list previously but since this is very popular, I'm trying it out. Turned out I like it. I like the value of our first chara. He is just trying to be loyal and paying back the favour. Romance of the girl is too forced for me, as if they are desperately trying to put in romance aspect in the series. It's good enough without honestly. Another thing that attracts me might be the concept of the virtual world itself, I have a soft spot for this kind of setting =3

Fate/Zero. No comment. This is just awesome. Awesome battle scenes and twisted behaviors of all the characters in it. Beside, impossible for me who watch all Type Moon series to skip this series.

I picked Folktales from Japan because I like fairy tales in general. A few of the stories presented in this series are not popular so I haven't heard about it. They put 3 stories in each eps. I should say this is a good anime to feed your little cousins or nephew/nieces when you want them to be a good kid glued to the TV (provided they can read English sub or understand Jap though :p).

Meanwhile, people has started to compile visual guide and summary of 2012 summer anime. Personally looking forward for Sword Art Online :D
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