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Happy Chinese New Year to ALL of you who celebrate it ^^

I'm currently back in my hometown, stress-free and enjoying my hard-earned 2 weeks leave! *yippeeee* I hope you all enjoy it too ^^

Reading list 2011 - Review

Another year has swiftly passed. I'm back in the start of the year... Kinda scary actually. Not to feel the time passing... ooops, let's not get into depressed mode ^^;; Anyone who want to see the list of books I read in 2011, please click after cut ^^ More information for each book is available in this link.

The 30 books I readCollapse )

Retrospective of 2011

Since I don't have too much things planned this year, retrospective post will be as short LOL
  • Read at least 30 books this year.
    Thank God I finished yesterday with it. It will be shameful if I don't manage to fulfill any this year -.-
  • Writing my own original fic.
    No thanks to my busy work, I can't do this *roll eyes* I barely have time for my games, otaku life and reading *boooo*
  • Finding a new job after mid-year.
    Not a good year to move, I've tried but no success. Will move it to next year.

Random pics

I haven't had time to post these until today. As I said, my sis came and we went to the Miku concert. Too bad photographs and camera is not allowed in the concert. However, I managed to steal two shots, one Rin and one Len, no Miku sadly. I really need to jump at least for 1.5 hours in the 2 hours concert, else I won't be able to see a thing thanks to my chibi height - 1.5m >_>;

Oh, and also post one nendo pic given by xinan2 ^^ Miku is now 'flying' on top of my tv :p
Pics after the cutCollapse )
I still have a few pics from my meet up with xinan2, but he has yet mail me. With this, I met two NCIS forum staff ^^ iyanskye, are you going to be the next? XDDD

And this is totally unrelated with my entry, but just awesome for those who watch Fate Zero, Idolmaster and know Vocaloid!

Nov = month of the year ^^

This will be a busy month but will be very fulfilling XD

First, I'll be going to Miku 3D concert! I've been waiting for it to come to Singapore, I SO wouldn't miss this chance to see her in full size! XDDD It has been three years since I became addicted to Vocaloid songs and true fan LOL

Second, my sis is coming to Singapore to watch the concert! Of course not only for that. She will attend the AFA (Anime Festival Asia) too, it's her first time coming to this event. I'm going to pass it this year since a lot of overseas guests are coming. The next three days, we'll be going out together. I might not be able to say it out loud in person but I do miss my family :) Love to have her here. Grateful for my owner too since she allow her to stay in my place ^^

Third, I'll be meeting xinan2 during my trip to KL this 5th-7th ^^ We had made a dinner appointment on one of the day XDD Looking forward for this too.

Fourth, new anime season has started! I picked up a lot this time but still in the process of selecting those that I want to continue LOL I've dropped Persona 4 after the first ep though, it just looks too funny to me to continue. I should just pray and wait the game will be converted to PSP ver. :p The next in line to be dropped is Un-Go, if the cases stays that lame ^^;; Oh, I'm also waiting for the OVA of the game I played, Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki The Animation

Fifth, FF0 will be released this month! ^^ Yeash I know it's still Japanese ver and will be awhile before we get any Eng ver, still, FF game release date always remarkable :p Another game to be released this month is: PROJECT DIVA EXTEND! *clap hands* I literally fidgeting waiting for it!

So all in all, Nov is definitely month of the year :p Sorry for all my LJ friends who I had abandoned these few months. I'm not forgetting and I do check back your journal every once a while. I hope you all are okay and enjoy your day too! ^^ Until next time~~ Ah, last note, since I bought a new phone (with camera), I might be able to post something from the concert later ^^ We'll just see~ XDDD


Writer's Block: Blast to the past

If you could travel back in time, what would you tell your 10-year-old self?

Get your dad to buy more dollars. You can earn a lot after recession.

Busy period~

Yes, it is a busy month and is still ongoing. Project has been started and will continue until Oct. I had been doing constant overtime for these last month ^^;; The only good thing is I'm doing the overtime voluntarily. This time most of the team members are so nice. We get along so well that it's a pity if we don't work hard to make this

I don't have much time to progress with my book >_> Right now I only have time to catch up with my ongoing anime ^^;;

I started a habit of drinking warm lemon water in the morning after I woke up. It's sour of course but still on bearable stage. They said it's good for detox and can get you slimmer. I'm aiming for the latter part obviously :p This is common girl's problem *hahaha* I admit even a fujoshi can have it :p

Right now I'm looking forward to Project Diva Extend 2.5 game release in autumn and Supernatural which will start in next month :D


Recently I played Are You Alice? PSP game. I only understand like 1/3 of what they are talking about in the game based on my listening experience for being 8 years otaku LOL Moreover, I can't read Japanese except of some very basic words LOL This doesn't stop me from playing the game though. With gorgeous bishie around and such nice seiyuus, I ain't going to pass this. Thank goodness at least I understand the overall story LMAO

I read the manga awhile after I start the game. That's when I realize the series actually tagged as 'wish list' in my mangaupdates list LMAO My~ I guess if I did interested with it, I am STILL interested with it in the future LOL I would recommend this series to anyone who like dark fairy tale. Personally, that's SO my genre among with fantasy adventure, zombie survival and chinese martial arts *hahaha*


Bought some books

Kino have 20% disc with member card last week, so I went with a friend who borrowed the card from his cousin (my~ what a long chain lol) I bought Kino no Tabi ~ The Beautiful World ~ Kuroboshi Kouhaku artbook and Paprika novel ^^

The artbook is for my sis so I won't open yet to save that thrilling feeling of unwrapping new book XDD Paprika, on the other hand, already neatly wrapped with plastic cover :D I haven't start reading though. Considering it's only 348 pages, I'm thinking to read during my Sept home travel. I will need approximately 7 hours reading time - which is very suitable for going back and forth SG :D

I just realized that Dao Mu Bi Ji have Taiwan and Chinese version. I was shocked looking at 13 books in Kinokuniya store which when I checked the content, it only span until the 5th book (my ebook version). My friend later told me it is Taiwan version, Chinese version only have 7 books. She was surprised too looking so many volumes LOL

Anyway, three out of four anime I watch this season has ended. I dropped Deadman Wonderland and Ao no Exorcist, deciding I'll just read the manga later. In the end I watched Tiger Bunny, C, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi and Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. The last one really irk me whenever I type that. I'm not sure what they are trying to achieve with such a long title =S I won't be able to remember it all if I don't know the meaning of it *roll eyes*

Tiger Bunny is the only one spanning until next season. C is quite bland in overall though it has a clean ending. The psychological value weighed the anime down so we cannot see much fight between Entrees. Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi... I don't even know what to comment. Not to mention they are cutting one stories in the middle with another, ALL of them doesn't even end properly at the end of the series! *facepalm* what? don't tell me they wanna do second season for this? *roll eyes* Ano Hana, it is unexpected pick because xinan2 recommended me. It has a negative messy start for all characters but ended up positively in the end. Menma real wish is totally suck though. I initially thought she had wanted to fix her friends in order for them to be able to move forward but no! It's not! *banghead* At least due to that stupid real wish of hers, what I wanted still happened. Her real wish explains why she only appears to Jintan instead of everyone. If I rank it, Ano Hana is the most worthy watch this season. C is the next in line while Hatsukoi... lol *shake head*


Uh... can't sleep =.= I woke up 4.30 in the morning, dawn has not even broken -.-
I can see I'll have a big expense in books this year >_> I'm planning to buy a few doujin novel. Seems the yearly forecast that I cannot save much is true XDDD

Been reading Dao Mu Bi Ji [yaoi] fanfic and hell, I read it even faster than the official novel lol Too bad this one is still ongoing. A friend said that this fanfic has been published into books and she asked me whether I want to buy it when she go to TW later - which of course I agree ^^a The story is very good and it's a cliffhanger dammit! DDD: However, this also will be a heavy blow for my reading process later >_> Reading in computer is 100% easier since I have dictionary installed. Physical book doesn't let you copy and paste you know -.- Either I need to start to sharpen my chinese reading diligently or wasting my time searching for the characters in manual dic later DDD: No matter what, I'm still getting the book lol

Another thing is, an xxxHolic AU shounen-ai fic which I love - Lord and Prince is also going to be published :D More news can be found in her journal - flakedice. I'm sooo getting this one too :D Dunno how to have it delivered but it can be figured out later :p wonder if she will put some lemon inside >///<

I wish I can take a holiday and stop reading the chinese novel (at 6th from 7th series) but I know I can't DD: That's what a good book always do to you. You just can't put it down! *roar* I wonder if I can finish it before the author publish his last book this year ^^;; Been reading this nearly every weekend since January *sigh* I don't feel I'm picking words faster compared to when I had my private chinese lesson years ago lol

Duh... I think I still need to lay down even if I can't sleep. Don't want to have a headache in the office later... >_>;;




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