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Tranquil light

pouring my heart into writing....

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I'm an ordinary girl (^-^), working as a web programmer (freelance only now) and QA (Tester Analyst). I have an ordinary life and unique personality. How unique? Well, everyone is unique right? So just guess by yourself. XDD

My hobby is reading manga (especially CLAMP-sama's), listening to japanese and Chinese music, writing stories, reading books (every kind of books except math, chemistry and physics), watching anime and chinese wuxia series. Read my fic if you have the time. It's in here. You can also add me in twitter, however I only approve/add back those I that know. :)

This is the commandments that I quote from chibiyuuto without his permission and I vow I will hold onto it till my body perish (Wow, I'm so dramatic, am I?).
The CLAMP Commandments (augmentative to date):

1. Thou shalt love all CLAMP Works, regardless of substance and character relations, and shall not look down upon anything that bears the Sigil of CLAMP.

2. For the longevity and embellishment of the community, thou shalt apportion thy information amongst those who wish to partake in the wonders of the CLAMP Works.

3. If thou hath the means, thou shalt work for the honor of supporting CLAMP and their Original Works to assure their longevity and prosperity.

4. Followers of CLAMP Works have the liberty of expressing all opinions regarding the Works without trepidation of affronting the Institution nor any other follower of CLAMP.

Set forth on this, the 3rd of April 2006, by the good sir and madam chibiyuuto and ladydarkmoon, respective.